Our Services…….

Our services includes designing and renovation of the interiors and exteriors for homes, government and private offices, large corporate houses, universities, colleges, educational institutions, showrooms, research labs, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels etc. We provide complete design services beginning with planning, budgeting, visualizing through installation and decorating the final design elements to complete the project. The services that we provide for our clients are categorized below:


We begin our design process by first consulting our clients and thoroughly understanding their requirements and needs. By having a detailed discussion with our clients and also helping them share their design ideas and concepts, we make sure that we completely understand their expectations.

Budget Assessment:

After fully understanding our clients' needs we make a detailed discussion on our client's budget and finances. A precise assessment of the budget is very crucial as this allows us to plan out the perfect design concept according to the budget.


When the finances and budget has been finalized we begin the process of project planning and visualization of the design concept. We give various design ideas and concepts to our clients from which they can choose from.

Concept Design:

We create graphical representation of the final design concept for the interiors of the home, office etc and present the visual layout to our clients. By showing them the final layout of the project they can get a clear idea of what the final design would be. Presenting a graphical representation to our clients allows us to know if we are meeting their expectations. It also helps the clients to point out any changes they would like to have in the final design layout.


After the design has been finalized we begin the process of decorating your interiors that includes, floor plan, furniture plan, ceiling plan, materials and accessories.

Delivery / Hand over:

We do complete importation and delivery of the interior goods, lightings and fixtures, furniture and accessories required for starting our project.

Final Touch:

Our final step to completion of the entire project is to provide you the opportunity to give your final words for any improvements or changes you would like to have in the final design.